Hong Kong skyline with silhouette.

Privilege, self-censorship and moving towards acknowledging painful truths.

I listened to the fourth privilege ‘Fishbowl’ discussion on the experience of privilege or lack of privilege from a perspective of a person of colour. As a white person to listen into a conversation by and about people with colour this was a new experience.  The conversations I have and listen to are by white …

Four participants in pairs, one person in each pair acts out a story and at the end their partner guesses the narrative.

‘A revolution without dancing is not a revolution worth having.’

This week I had an interesting Facebook dialogue with people both known to me and unknown about how we respond to the trauma and violence we see in the world. I was confident that I could express what I wanted to say –  to express my hope that they can stand against rape-culture without hating …

Miki’s NVC Principle-Based-Teaching Calls

This is in celebration of Miki Kashtan’s Principle-Based-Coaching calls which she offers free each month for people sharing Nonviolent Communication.  Being in Hong Kong I can’t attend them live but it is possible to download previous calls and listen whenever. The thing I love about them is that anyone who is sharing Nonviolent Communication can call …