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Welcoming tensions around nonstandardisation and maximum diversity.

The Focusing Institute’s Diversity Statement was approved by the Board of Directors in February 2009, I think it is a brave and wonderful statement, as it grapples with the ‘tension’ that so many institutions deny between valuing diversity and being efficient rather than fudging a compromise in which life-honouring principles are sacrificed for homogeneity. In …

If we value children’s expression what gets in the way of child-led art projects? A discussion with Taiwanese teachers.

I met up with 20 Taiwanese student Montessori teachers in Taichung to demonstrate some methods and principles behind music and visual art in a Montessori classroom. On our second day, we discussed what holds us back from simply allowing children to create. For me, it is key is to acknowledge the power agenda.  If the …

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Benevolent sexism and violent sexism – recognising how one supports the other.

During the call on Privilege I discuss in another post my attention was drawn to Peter Glick’s Research Symposium: Gender and Work  in which he discusses how Benevolent Sexism (BS) creates a double bind which is used to undermine women and justifies a backlash against feminism. An example of BS (yes, it makes me laugh too) is …

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Privilege – from a woman’s perspective

A ‘caller’ listening into this week’s NVC Academy discussion on Privilege, this time from a woman’s perspective, asked  the all female panel how each of them saw the link between physical violence against women and systemic violence (violence in the structure of our society, our economics, health, politics benefit men rather than the female experience). …

Women at a camp in a circle, some talk, others embrace.

“We’re all in the same boat, but we’re not on the same deck.”

I am aware of some of my privilege as a white, English speaking university educated woman. I have lived in Asia for most of the past ten years and am aware that my difference leads people to respond positively to me. If I want something I can usually get it, by elevating my language and …