Becoming a Focusing-Oriented Therapist and Focusing Trainer

I have just completed my two-year training with Charlotte Howarth to become a Focusing-oriented Therapist (FoT) and trainer. I visited Charlotte on my trip to New York this February as the programme has taken place in online groups. Last month I happened to be in Vienna for the Person-centred and Experiential Psychotherapy world conference and …

Red leaves from a small tree stand out against dark foliage.

Privilege – from a woman’s perspective

A ‘caller’ listening into this week’s NVC Academy discussion on Privilege, this time from a woman’s perspective, asked  the all female panel how each of them saw the link between physical violence against women and systemic violence (violence in the structure of our society, our economics, health, politics benefit men rather than the female experience). …

The Global Sisterhood manifesto.

I will not hold myself back and I will support you in doing the same.

We began the recent Garden Gathering in Hong Kong with a circle in Which The Global Sisterhood Manifesto was read. I had never heard it but I found it magical and immediately went to ask what I could find the words that has just been read out. I wanted to subscribe to doing this for …