A fern, some parts are fresh green, others brown and dry.

You are how you think you are.

Last weekend at Hong Kong University Dr Francesco Pagnini summarised these three experiments in Mind/Body science to demonstrate that, ‘Wherever you put the mind the body will (try to) follow…’ Our thinking about our bodies and the way we direct our attention has dramatic results on our physical condition. Firstly is Langur’s Counterclockwise. In which a …

Large black butterfly feeding on pink flowers.

Mindfulness with and without meditation

Last Saturday I attended Dr Francesco Pagnini Mindfulness talk at the Hong Kong University where he distinguished two types of Mindfulness. Firstly, inspired by Theravada Buddhism, is the Mindfulness championed by Jon Kabat-Zinn who Westernised Buddhist practices for a contemporary audience. He focused on strategies for managing people’s relationship with their pain. With these techniques …