Completing the first two-year, online training in Focusing

Yesterday we came to the end of the first online training in Focusing offered by the Focusing Institute, which builds on the work of Eugene Gendlin, philosopher and psychotherapist. “Focusing” is a process for helping your mind listen to the wisdom of your body. “What is true is already so. Owning up to it doesn’t …

A fern, some parts are fresh green, others brown and dry.

You are how you think you are.

Last weekend at Hong Kong University Dr Francesco Pagnini summarised these three experiments in Mind/Body science to demonstrate that, ‘Wherever you put the mind the body will (try to) follow…’ Our thinking about our bodies and the way we direct our attention has dramatic results on our physical condition. Firstly is Langur’s Counterclockwise. In which a …

Slender tree with rick markings on bark is foregrounded and other trees out of focus in background

Learning Somatic Tension Release Exercises

Somatic Experiencing with Tension Release Exercises. I tried my first session today, I had asked to do a class as I have had a real sense of being ready to ‘birth’ some trauma old wounds and the class was this morning.  Afterwards I felt tired but great.  My body continued quietly shaking for 30 mins …