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Counselling in Scotstoun, Glasgow

I have been volunteering at Kingsway Health and Wellbeing Centre, Scotstoun, Glasgow for the last ten months, spending one day a week meeting with local residents. While the physical buildings have been improved this community lacks places for people to express themselves and enact the changes they would like to see. However, in this very …

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Focusing to achieve something whole and new

Last night, as part of my Focusing Trainer’s course I listened online to our guest lecturer Jim Strohl, of all the guests we have had so far I found him particularly inspiring. He finds a way to elegantly express focusing as a helping practical with spiritual attributes. He reminded me of Tibetan Buddhist aspirations to …

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Benevolent sexism and violent sexism – recognising how one supports the other.

During the call on Privilege I discuss in another post my attention was drawn to Peter Glick’s Research Symposium: Gender and Work  in which he discusses how Benevolent Sexism (BS) creates a double bind which is used to undermine women and justifies a backlash against feminism. An example of BS (yes, it makes me laugh too) is …