A picture of Rachel outside in natural light in a summer's day.
Being a new way, Working With Children

Focusing and the ‘Felt Sense’

The ‘felt’ sense is not our feelings and emotions but the whole ‘fuzzy’ feeling which comes when we relax for thirty seconds and turn our attention inwardly and see what arises within our bodies.  It is always something unexpected and if we bring our attention to just this moment, just what we can feel, it …

Four women resting in the shade having hikes in the sun
Working With Children

Nonviolent Communication and Montessori

Nonviolent Communication offers a structure to connect verbally with everyone else you meet.  But you must start from a connected sense of self, for which focusing is very useful, and the desire to connect – not manipulate or teach! Nonviolent Communication offers a way to find the needs in you which have been met or …