Working With Children

Counselling placement with Action for Children

As part of my MSc in Person-centred Counselling and Psychotherapy, I volunteered in a school in Dunbar, Scotland to support parents of children accessing additional support. Some families were looking for parenting coaching, others a place to express anxieties about their children’s behaviour at home or in school. Common features were families considering or awaiting …

Working in a new way

PCE conference 2018 – Facilitating Hope

The thirteenth World Conference for  Person-Centred and Experiential Counselling and Psychotherapy took place at the beginning of July in Vienna. It coincided with the end of my MSc and fit neatly into the transition from student counsellor to professional Focusing Oriented Therapist and gave me an opportunity to meet this new community in the flesh. …

Being a new way

Becoming a Focusing oriented Therapist and Focusing Trainer

I have just completed my two-year training with Charlotte Howarth to become a Focusing-oriented Therapist (FoT) and trainer. I visited Charlotte on my trip to New York this February as the programme has taken place in online groups. Last month I happened to be in Vienna for the Person-centred and Experiential Psychotherapy world conference and …

Working With Children

If we value children’s expression what gets in the way of child-led art projects? A discussion with Taiwanese teachers.

I met up with 20 Taiwanese student Montessori teachers in Taichung to demonstrate some methods and principles behind music and visual art in a Montessori classroom. On our second day, we discussed what holds us back from simply allowing children to create. For me, it is key is to acknowledge the power agenda.  If the …

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Being a new way

Half way through my MSc Psychotherapy programme

I am at the mid-point of my MSc in Person Centred Counselling and Psychotherapy. I am now a student member of the British Association for Psychotherapy and have nearly 40 client hours under my belt. I am well supported by two excellent supervisors, friends and my husband, who have needed to pick me up a …

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A new society

Cutting through limiting beliefs.

Following yesterday’s post about the ignored Universal Theory of Physics, that once we allow for interconnectedness and consciousness we have can begin to allow for a robust, common place understanding of quantum physics, rather than have an ‘ordinary dead-world physics of daily Newtonian life’ and an amazing world of living, shifting, energetic and dynamic world …