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Focusing Level 1: An Introduction to Focusing

This 8-week online programme provides a solid basis for understanding how to bring the wisdom of your felt sense to your daily experience. We will focus on developing ‘Inner Relational Focusing’, how to listen to ourselves, which is the essential first part of learning Focusing. Before we can bring ourselves into relational depth and be with another with the presence we must be able to do so with ourselves. This work is very transformative personally and will aid your relationships with others.

The skillset we work with in Level 1 includes:
  • Creating a space within that welcomes a fresh ‘felt sense’.
  • Exploring ways our body might communicate with us through our senses.
  • Forming relationships with what comes up.
  • Staying in relationship, even when things are tricky.
  • Negotiating boundaries within ourselves by getting the ‘right distance’.
  • Noticing that things change without effort.
  • Being able to check what fits and doesn’t.
  • Being with one body sense as you’re sensing something new arising.
  • Enjoying positive feelings.

We will discuss the theory of Focusing offered by Gene Gendlin which influenced Gestalt and Experiential and Mind-Body approaches and how this theory relates to Neuroscience. 

You will learn the practical step-by-step process Gene described to enable you to bring your awareness to your felt experience of your life. We will use mindfulness skills of radical acceptance with warm relationally and enlivened curiosity when we do this we develop and change neural circuits. By practising together in class and once a week with your focusing partner you will learn how to relate to yourself differently, as the Self-in-Presence.

More information

Our work will be safely held in the class by a common understanding of respect for each others process and the unknowable intricacies of our own process. 

Each session will have question periods, group exercises and paired exercises as well as demonstrations and information. There will be an optional reading list for people who have time and want to progress to the Level 2 class. There will be updates as to when this will be offered as our community grows.

It is important to be able to commit to at least 6 of the 8 evening events and to make time for a 45 – 60 minutes call with a focusing partner between each class.

You do not need to be a therapist to benefit from this training, in our paired expertise one person will focus while the other listens, feeling into their felt sense, holding the space with curiosity and presence and simply offering reminders or reflections to keep the focuser company.  It is a time to enjoy being aware of the relational field with no hurry to ‘fix’ or change anything.

People who work in therapeutic or caring roles can expect this experience to help them hold space for those they work with while learning to be with the focuser in a way which is very different than mainstream talk-therapy and counselling roles. Here we trust the inner wisdom of the body to emerge in spontaneous ways which are much more profound and helpful than our thinking mind could devise. Prepare to be challenged and intrigued. For people continuing to Level 2 and beyond the links with Internal Family Systems, Emotion Focused Therapy, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and others will become evident, while non-therapists may see relationships between Focusing and ecopsychology, energy, bodywork, spirituality and intergenerational work. On one session we will reflect on a video of Shirley Turcotte a Canadian First Nations instructor and clinical supervisor who championed aboriginal/indigenous Focusing which is very pertinent to our context in Aotearoa.

About the trainer

I received my certification as a Focusing-Oriented Therapist and Focusing Trainer by the Focusing Institute in New York after attending a 2-year training program hosted by Charlotte Howorth.

Dates and Times

Sessions will take place on the following dates between 7 pm and 9 pm. Times can be shifted 1hr earlier or later depending on group preference. I’ll send calendar invitations with links to join the call before the first session.

  1. 28th July
  2. 4th August
  3. 11th August
  4. 18th August
  5. 25th August
  6. 1st September
  7. 8th September
  8. 15th September

These dates are intentionally set within term time, to allow those with families to enjoy their breaks together. If term time is unsuitable, please send me a message below to express your interest in future training.

Workplace Training

If you’d like to offer this training for your staff, either online or offline. Please contact me to discuss your needs.


Open to everyone who meets the prerequisites below, there will be a maximum of 12 people.

Participants must commit to attending at least 7 sessions. Upon completion, participants will receive a digital certificate of attendance issued by Vibrant Life and can choose to be listed on the Vibrant Life website as proof of attendance.


Within the last year, a guided session with me or another certified Focusing professional or attendance at one of my community events. A first time session with me costs $120.00.


RatePrice (NZ$)
Standard (After June 27th)$500+GST
Early Bird (Before June 27th) – Ended$400+GST
Unwaged (Before June 27th) – Ended$350+GST

Refund Policy
100% – Cancellations 7 days prior to the start date.
50% – Cancellations within 7 days of the start date.
0% – Cancellations after the first class has started.
Any fees to meet the prerequisites are non-refundable.

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Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: 28 Jul 2020 - 15 Sep 2020
  • Time: 3:00 am - 5:00 am






Rachel Hendron - MSc


Rachel Hendron - MSc