Tea lights illuminate a corner of the room.

Cutting through limiting beliefs.

Following yesterday’s post about the ignored Universal Theory of Physics, that once we allow for interconnectedness and consciousness we have can begin to allow for a robust, common place understanding of quantum physics, rather than have an ‘ordinary dead-world physics of daily Newtonian life’ and an amazing world of living, shifting, energetic and dynamic world …

Red leaves from a small tree stand out against dark foliage.

Privilege – from a woman’s perspective

A ‘caller’ listening into this week’s NVC Academy discussion on Privilege, this time from a woman’s perspective, asked  the all female panel how each of them saw the link between physical violence against women and systemic violence (violence in the structure of our society, our economics, health, politics benefit men rather than the female experience). …

A fern, some parts are fresh green, others brown and dry.

You are how you think you are.

Last weekend at Hong Kong University Dr Francesco Pagnini summarised these three experiments in Mind/Body science to demonstrate that, ‘Wherever you put the mind the body will (try to) follow…’ Our thinking about our bodies and the way we direct our attention has dramatic results on our physical condition. Firstly is Langur’s Counterclockwise. In which a …