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Welcoming tensions around nonstandardisation and maximum diversity.

The Focusing Institute’s Diversity Statement was approved by the Board of Directors in February 2009, I think it is a brave and wonderful statement, as it grapples with the ‘tension’ that so many institutions deny between valuing diversity and being efficient rather than fudging a compromise in which life-honouring principles are sacrificed for homogeneity. In …


Antiracism and Intersectionality

We live in an intersectional world, where gender, sexuality and multicultural affiliations can leave us with the experience that we don’t have a larger group identity to belong and seek support in. Patriarchy is the larger context for Colonisation and Industrialisation which has disrupted our experience of belonging to ourselves, each other and the land. …


Antiracism for Therapists

For therapists, bodyworkers and people working in communities which recognise trauma Shirley Turcotte a First Nations Canadian Aboriginal Psychotherapist explains her work bringing Focusing and the ‘felt sense’ to her community. She uses a ‘land-based’ approach which in western terms, might be eco-psychotherapy. As a Focusing Teacher and Trainer, I think this approach is essential …


What is Antiracism?

What is ‘antiracism’? Antiracism is a collection of antiracist policies which leads to racial equality substantiated by antiracist ideology. Ibram X. Kendi – Source The following two talks provide excellent frameworks for clarifying just why whiteness and belonging to a western culture makes thinking about White supremacy, let alone talking about it just so difficult, …

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Privilege, self-censorship and moving towards acknowledging painful truths.

I listened to the fourth privilege ‘Fishbowl’ discussion on the experience of privilege or lack of privilege from a perspective of a person of colour. As a white person to listen into a conversation by and about people with colour this was a new experience.  The conversations I have and listen to are by white …

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Benevolent sexism and violent sexism – recognising how one supports the other.

During the call on Privilege I discuss in another post my attention was drawn to Peter Glick’s Research Symposium: Gender and Work  in which he discusses how Benevolent Sexism (BS) creates a double bind which is used to undermine women and justifies a backlash against feminism. An example of BS (yes, it makes me laugh too) is …